Trailblazers New York City: Fashioned By Instinct


This is the second video in a series of profiles on artists from our new series Trailblazers, presented by Adidas, which pairs two young creatives at the beginning of their careers, exploring their process. Model/stylist Luka Sabbat meets technologist Madison Maxey in New York and compare their "you-do-you" policies: How, in different ways, they've driven their careers by following their instincts. From a temperature-controlled jacket to a wearable EKG monitor, Maxey brings high-tech fashion concepts to the mainstream while Sabat travels the global fashion world to work with acclaimed fashion designers on their runways and for their campaigns. We see first hand how they come to connect their own seemingly disparate careers together in the world of fashion and technology. 

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Thumbnail art credit: Active Turn(2015) by Freya Powell.