Trailblazers LA: Two Young Creatives Making Their Mark

This is the first video in a series of profiles on artists from our new series Trailblazers, presented by Adidas, which pairs two young creatives at the beginning of their careers, exploring their process. Meet Aleali May, a stylist and fashion blogger, and Gita, an experimental rapper vibe on how the find inspiration and make their creative mark on their world.

Marrying streetware with high fashion, Aleali May curates a blog dedicated to elevating the tomboy aesthetic in a beautiful way. Inspired by modern architecture and Japanese culture, her fashion posts maintain a starkness that elevates the fashion pieces as art objects.

Like any artist worth her salt, alternative rapper Gita is in a new phase of creative experimentation. In the last two years, the musician-cum-visual artist has been based between the US and Asia, primarily Shanghai, working on a new EP, Holy Mothers P1//Axioms, and fine-tuning her “eclectic and alternative” songs. Like most contemporary rappers, she tinkers with her signature sound by blending genres.

In the first episode of our new series, Trailblazers, watch Gita and stylist/blogger Aleali May take over the streets of LA. Art credit to Nora Quinn whose Glitter World installation appears in the video.

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