POV Sketches Put Viewers in the Drawing Seat

All images courtesy the artist

A unique worldview and clear vision can uplift an artist’s work, but sometimes it’s hard to separate a stunning final product from its development. In a series of sketchbook drawings, Italian artist Thomas Cian offers a peek behind the curtain and reveals some of his steps in creating work from the artist's point-of-view.

To pay tribute to his travels and cement his memories, the illustrator takes up his pen in different environments and crystallizes chosen moments into sweeping 360-degree or dilated images. The panoramic views of daily life chronicle myriad settings: classrooms, a crowd of pedestrians, airplane cabins, and city streets, among others.

In addition to offering a glimpse into the artist’s typical haunts, the illustrations serve as observational snapshots of people in their most human moments—completely natural and unsuspecting.

The Creators Project spoke to Cian, who provided a statement on his thinking behind the series, titled On the Road: ”Drawing every day since he can remember and never leaving home without a notebook, [Cian] was able to put together a large collection of sketchbooks, where he transposes, noting time and place, the people and places that surround him.”

The Milan-based artist focuses mainly on realistic portraiture in his other work and collaborates with communication agencies on developing visuals. To see more work from Thomas Cian visit his Behance page, here.


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