Turn the Tate Museum into an Insane Funhouse with this Animation

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An immersive walk through Tate Britain's museum lifts itself into the contemporary conversation with a new video in experiential, CG renderings. The walk-through consists of a room-by-room tour of the museum, many of which are occupied by animated paraphernalia a visitor would typically catch inside a circus tent or toy store.

The video is a partnership with the firm, Blink Ink and trained animator, Jack Sachs. The animator began his advent into 3D animation when he became unable to use his dominant hand to animate with paper and pencil. In his latest video, entitled Shhh!, we see how Sachs animation combines in a playful, unexpected manner with the fine-art lined space of the Tate.

Take a look at a few animations from the short and the full video, below:

Find more information about the Tate Britain museum, see their website, here. To see more from Blink Ink, visit their Vimeo page, here.


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