Just In Time for Super Bowl 51, Here's Slo-Mo Footage of an Exploding Football

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Gearing up for Sunday's big TV smackdown between Doritos and Carl Jr.'s commercials, it's time to consider another important player in the Super Bowl—the football. Questions like, "Do the ball's parameters perfectly chalk up to standards?" and "But seriously, are there any faulty attributes that could raise hell later?" abound.

For The Slow Mo Guys, nothing is off limits when it comes to documenting extreme, brain-meltingly fast footage that will eventually be slowed down to a snail's pace. Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy have a natural talent for capturing impressively explosive shots with their high-speed camera. Three of their best videos feature a massive and seemingly indestructible water balloonliqueous jelly siphoned through a tennis racket, and another tennis video, this time with flaming balls

This time around, the savvy Brits are experimenting with air compression, particularly the measurements of PSI inside a soccer ball and football. The typical pressure required of an athletic ball (estimated to be around 10 PSI by the guys) is ramped up to the machine's maximum of 110 after already setting the intial rate to 50. Semantics aside, this video of a "mindless piece of destruction" by The Slow Mo Guys is certainly enjoyable to watch. Take a look at the full video, along with a few exciting moments, below:

To see more video from The Slo Mo Guys, visit their YouTube page, here


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