‘The Revenant’ Official Music Video Is All-Natural [Premiere]

A still from the video

If you've seen The Revenant, you know that the scenic locales and the score have roles as big as DiCaprio. Through the beautiful cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki and the powerful composition of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto, nature and sound are placed front and center in this modern adaptation of an American folk tale about a hunter pitted against the wild.

Accompanying the film's DVD release, the official music video for the soundtrack's “Main Title Theme,” premieres today on The Creators Project. It’s the logical extension of Iñarritu's film, without actors and plot to distract you from the gorgeous B-roll. This is Earth at its grandest, set to the telltale violin melody that grounds the score.

"The idea of telling the story of the movie through the landscape is already implemented in the movie," says Noto, who edited the new video. "The idea here was to recall very specific moments of the movie through the landscapes, and to recall specific metaphors from the film as well."

Much like the Koyaanisqatsi trilogy, Noto's video settles in for a sweeping vision told purely through image and sound. As the slow chords proceed, clips fade in and out in tandem. Foggy dawns, a melting spring, and the pyramid of skulls unfold to the swelling violin melody.

Unfortunately Ryuichi Sakamoto, Alva Noto, and Bryce Dessner were disqualified from their Academy Award nod due to outdated rules for score nominations, which are limited to those written by a single composer. "Everybody knows that the creation of a movie is based on teamwork and collaboration," Noto argues. "Specifically, the sound design and sound recording, as well as composition, of this movie were in a very close symbiosis." Luckily extras like these allow us to show our appreciation for such forward-thinking creativity.

Check out the video below:

Learn more about Alva Noto here. Order The Revenant on Blu Ray, DVD, 4k, or on demand, here


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