[NSFW] Jonathan Leder's New Polaroids of Powerful Women

This article contains adult content. 

RITRATTI. Art Direction by Amy Hood | Photographs by Jonathan Leder. All images courtesy Imperial Pictures Publishing

"RITRATTI is a project for the encouragement of depth, intellectualism, integrity and progress. This project is unafraid to demand more of people, especially of those who are put into the limelight and celebrated. RITRATTI seeks to find women who can incite the directionless to rise, contribute, and inspire greatness." Imperial Pictures Publishing tells The Creators Project that their new, 76-page publication is about honesty, uniqueness, and power. The women who grace its pages are multi-hyphenates; advocates, fashion designers, entrepreneurs. Art directed by actress, model, and creative Amy Hood and shot by world-renowned photographer Jonathan Leder, it takes a look behind the lens, offering interviews with curator Anya Litvinova, stylist Kate Young, and Models of Compassion head, Destiny Sierra, and eight more influential figures that complement—not supplement—Leder's stunning snapshots. 

"For this project we decided to use the Polaroid Big Shot for the portraits," Leder tells The Creators Project. "This is a fixed lens instant film camera, in fact, the same camera that Warhol used. There is a certain frankness and honesty that comes with shooting a very limited amount of frames. Also, there is a power and immediacy and certain rawness to the images this camera creates," obviously one that, like Andy's immortal photos of John Lennon, Mick Jagger, and more, catches lightning in a bottle. This isn't your standard centerfold—borrowing its name from the Italian word for "portraits," this is RITRATTI.

Click here to order your copy of RITRATTI from Imperial Pictures Publishing. Ships just in time for the holidays. 


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