Feel at Peace Witnessing the Process of Watercoloring

Screencap via

Artists are not always ones to reveal their process, but when they do, the slow build from planning stage to last-minute details can be just as beautiful as the end product.

Paulette Jo, the creator behind the camera and the paintbrush, paints the image of a young girl with red lips and a monochromatic striped shirt. The subject’s expression looks somewhat uneasy, but the gaze is so wide-eyed and beguiling, it’s terrific material for a watercolor.

Jo outlines each of her tools in the beginning of the video, which includes a sketchbook, ink, brushes, and a plastic palette. It’s a transparent look at the preparations behind the artwork. Jo uses hypnotic strokes and an undulating soundtrack arranged by The Noisettes to gradually go about developing her illustration.

Stroke after stroke, the slow burn of the music, purposeful work, and that stare combine into a haunting video. Watch the full, hypnotizing process below:

Watch more videos by Paulette Jo on her Vimeo page, here.


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